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Nicknamed “the wanderer” Mariette Bermowitz, author of “Mindele’s Journey: Memoir of a Hidden Child of the Holocaust” (ISBN 1468001051) writes for us and for herself, her need to hold onto treasured fragments of her past. The refrain, “Do you remember?” fills the pages as Mariette wanders, flees and returns to so many lives: as a Jewish child, as a Catholic, as a free-spirit in Brooklyn, as a wife, girlfriend, daughter.

In 1942 when Mindele was four years old her mother and four siblings were deported to concentration camps while she was miraculously rescued and placed in a convent, then spent the remaining war years with a family in the Belgian countryside. When her father returned to claim her, she no longer recognized him. Living in post war Brussels, a world filled with despair for the Jews who survived, was when “the war after the war” began for her.

“My story is a testament to a guiding force instilled in me by the nuns who sheltered me during the war,” Bermowitz says. “I know what it’s like to give up hope, but something always drove me on.” This is an inspirational story of a woman whose quest for meaning took her on a journey to find wholeness.

“Mindele’s Journey: Memoir of a Hidden Child of the Holocaust” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author 
Mariette Bermowitz was born in Brussels in 1938. Her father, the only other survivor of the family, brought her to live in Brooklyn when she was twelve. By making a career of teaching the French language and culture, she inspired her students and stayed connected to the world she had lost. She is a co-founder of the Miette Culinary Studio, and was married to Alan Bermowitz, later known as Alan Vega Suicide.

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