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Ron Polli
Goal: $2.5 million Investment/Partner

Axial PPT

Axial Technology Group (ATG), is actively developing and patenting new technology for a new line of Hybrid Power Generators utilizing the latest battery technology with its proprietary power source management system. ATG plans to provide Hybrid Generators to be developed in any size portable unit that provides enough power for government agencies for emergency response in the field for reliable standby power source to standby power for commercial and residential facilities. This same technology can be scaled up to any size requirements for commercial and residential operations or military needs. Because of ATG’s hybrid design, this new line of generators will be extremely fuel efficient saving as much as 70% when compared to existing generators of similar output. As a further benefit, the generator will supply “clean” power, meaning that the voltage will not sag nor will the frequency shift for sensitive communication and power systems. Voltage sag and frequency deviation are limitations of a majority of typical engine driven generators.

This new line of generators will run on a variety of fuels and will mirror the functions of existing powered generators for emergency, personal, home and industrial applications… with one addition… a battery and power management system.

ATG’s Hybrid Power Generators will combine an internal combustion, coupled with the newest generation of high performance batteries to provide an uninterruptable power source that can be scaled up or down to meet any power requirement. Due to its hybrid nature, when load is demanded from the generator the battery will supply the needed voltage. The load will be handled by the battery until it reaches a point where the battery needs to be recharged. At that point the engine will start automatically and recharge the battery while also handling the load requirements. Once the battery is fully charged, the engine will shut off and the cycle will continue once again until a load is no longer sensed by the generator.

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