Dean Hampton – Razitall


Our goal is to create new opportunities to achieve the American dream and put small businesses on equal footing in the capital markets.  For the past 40 years, there has been limited ability for small businesses to get funding support in the United States.  The financial markets have been the domain of venture capitalists and accredited investors.  Based on the success of the micro-loan market, we anticipate empowering small businesses to join the global market with the right financial support.

We have built a new crowdfunding portal for the United States entrepreneur market.  We have developed a platform that will allow entrepreneurs to sell a part of their company or project in exchange for funding from the public (crowd).  We based our design on the new laws passed by the SEC on October 30, 2015.  Identified as unregistered securities, these financial instruments have not been allowed in the United States since the Securities Act of 1933 was passed. These new securities can be sold to any investor, not just accredited investors, so the investor market for these securities will be much broader than any early investor opportunities historically.

The Razitall Crowdfunding business model removes the main two barriers to growth that our competitors face by providing free service to file the regulatory offering documents for entrepreneurs, and taking a credit cards as a payment method from investors.

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