Think:EXP strives to revolutionize the entertainment industry by bridging the gap between the human spirit and technological innovation with one-of-a-kind live, immersive concert experiences. Think:EXP provides a turnkey performance and audience management platform for tech/entertainment innovators, thought-leaders, established organizations, and up-and-comers. Think:EXP features emerging technologies in action by integrating the latest advancements in vibrant, immersive concert showcases.

By marrying Hollywood-caliber entertainers with industry leaders in spaces such as augmented/virtual reality, robotics,  blockchain, social media and more, Think:EXP’s events offer an unforgettable, visceral platform that shows these advancements in action. Live entertainment is a chance for the audience to get as close as possible to the artists – Think:EXP offers a similar pathway for organizations to connect with their audience on a higher, more genuine level, and a marketing platform for enterprises and artists to become rockstars in their industries.

Think:EXP is a live entertainment platform as well as an online platform that provides audience management by finding artists’ superfans, inviting them in to a subscription network where the artists can create channels to communicate directly to their fans selling premium live immersive, as well as on-demand content, merchandise, ticketing, etc which all ties back in to the live experience.  Think:EXP has been experimenting with a residency in a dome-park in DTLA and has sold-out all 10 shows to-date during this experimental phase.  The upcoming months will bring more residency dates, international shows, corporate events for large technology companies, a festival in the works, as well as bringing on more sponsors, partners and the planning of future experiences and locations.

Funding is needed for content creation for our current act, future experiences, to get our audience management platform completely functional, staffing, equipment and potential investment in venue locations.