Sergio Candido – BSE Films

Sergio Candido is one of the 4 owners of “BSE Films, LLC” . He is also the writer and director of the TV Show “The Paraseekers” and of the “Paraseekers Origin’s” full feature movie which he is directing and is being filmed this Oct.

Sergio has acquired the Patent for the unique “Godlins” merchandising and toy line and is looking for investor’s for his full length feature film “Godlins”

Godlins is the first film ever created that combines faith with fantasy. The film has an 80’s Spielberg feel to it and will be made into a 3 part series. Sergio has created a complete “Godlin’s universe of characters totaling over 75 characters, and that is just for the first 3 films of the franchise.

This investment opportunity is incredibly lucrative because not only will the potential investor receive 20% of the dollar one amount from the film and all distribution of the film, but they will also get a percentage of the toy and ancillary market.

Godlins appeals to all ages and especially to the faith based market which is very hot today. It is a film unlike any other ever made and guaranteed to touch the hearts of millions.

Sergio has signed a worldwide distribution deal with “Red Velvet Entertainment” who’s CEO is “Alan Bailey”, former VP of Finance for Paramount Pictures.

Godlins is the ultimate Gold Mine opportunity for investor’s to get excited about. It has the qualities that every blockbuster movie needs to be succesful:

A) Unique story line which appeals to people of ALL FAITHS and AGES

B) Secured Patents for unique Godlins merchandising Universe

C) Worldwide Distribution and marketing through Red Velvet Entertainment

D) Creative new talented director

E) Original Full Score Orchestration