Chris Mezzacappa – Bitconsult LLC

Confused about Bitcoin? You are not alone. Is Bitcoin a gold alternative? A new money for the internet? A tool for drug dealers and hackers? A hedge to the U.S. Stock market? A bubble that’s about to burst? An entirely new internet? Where do I start? Who do I ask?!

Chris discovered Bitcoin in 2013. Since that moment, he has been on a mission to learn everything possible about Bitcoin, cryptography, Austrian economics, game theory, monetary policy, network security, and technology. Believe it or not, all of these topics (and many more) are deeply entwined with what Bitcoin is, and what technologies and businesses will be built on top of Bitcoin.

Chris started Bitconsult in 2017 with a simple goal – to teach people about Bitcoin. From one-on-one consultations to group sessions with teams of investment advisors, Chris has helped people from all walks of life understand how Bitcoin works. Whether you’re looking to speculate, round out your portfolio with un-seizable assets, or learn how the “internet of value” is being built, contact Chris!

The September Roundtable session will give an overview of the Bitcoin protocol and focus primarily on the current global monetary situation. In a world of negative interest rates, larger governments, and large-scale data breaches, should Bitcoin be considered in a professionally managed portfolio? Chris will also touch on projects and businesses that use Bitcoin right now. You won’t want to miss this!