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To everyone in attendance on 9/26/14… Thank You for the opportunity to work with you and the brilliant presentation from Dr. Robert Schoch !… and for those not in attendance , here is a short synopsis of my talk and my life’s work….

I am Ed Regensburg MA,ATR-BC,CHT.,LCAT, a Clinical Art Psychotherapist who for over 30 years has helped individuals and organizations re-think the way they conceptualize mental health services, spirituality and life itself. I have literally worked with thousands of people, demonstrating the creative power available to us immediately through the this “thing commonly referred to” as Art, and more accurately, imagery. As an Artist, Psychotherapist, past Executive Director and Corporate Consultant I have the experience to understand the “How to” administrate financially responsible programming and deliver significant, effective clinical results through Workshops, Private Consultation and Ongoing Programs..

At this time I have committed to writing a series of books to teach the knowledge gleaned from almost four decades of work.

My latest book Quantum Imagery: Why Creating Art Heals Us is a concise introductory guide revealing the mystery behind the phenomena of art, its role in healing on this planet and its implications for deeper work. It is available on Amazon.com and KDP.com . I am currently finishing the follow-up book as I write you today.

My recent presentation at the Roundtable illustrated how everyone, no matter what their “skill level” may be has the “Gift of Art” (Creativity) inside of them….I worked with everyone present to access and release this potential…think about where it came from and embrace the notion that we are all designed with the capacity to channel its spiritual energy…and collectively make a difference in our world….and provide a complementary investigative tool to Dr. Schoch’s work.

At this time I am seeking Marketing/Sales representation for my Book(s), Fine Art, Workshops and Creative Sanctuary Programming (R) which is designed to support children, adults and seniors and teach emotional education integrated with spiritual expression in a way that has never been offered before.

If you know someone who may be interested in my mission, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.

In appreciation,


The secret to life is in art

Oscar Wilde

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quantum imagery QUANTUM IMAGERY: Why Creating Art Heals Us… is available on Amazon.com

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