Andrew N. Karlen – Exit Planning Consultant

Andrew N. Karlen is a partner in the White Plains, New York law firm of Karlen & Stolzar, LLP. He focuses his practice on the legal needs of family-owned and other closely-held business, their owners and stakeholders. Mr. Karlen works collaboratively with other professional advisors to provide business succession planning and exit planning services. He also functions as “General Counsel,” providing ongoing advice on legal, growth-related and other issues. In addition, he handles a variety of business transactions and agreements, including: purchases and sales of businesses; forming and advising business entities; shareholder, operating and other agreements among entity owners; employment, non-compete and non-disclosure agreements; and commercial and residential real estate transactions. Andrew serves on the Board of Directors of Attorneys for Family-Held Enterprises (AFHE), an association of attorneys and other professionals who provide multi-disciplinary legal counsel and advice to family enterprises, their owners and stakeholders. He is a member of the Family Firm Institute and holds its Family Business Advisor with Fellow Status designation. He also holds the Certified Exit Planner (CExP) designation conferred by the Business Enterprise Institute (“BEI”), an organization that trains supports Exit Planning professionals.

Exit Planning
Exit Planning is the creation and execution of a strategy allowing owners to exit their businesses on their own terms and conditions. It is an established process that creates a written roadmap or Exit Plan, involving efforts of several professions facilitated and led by an Exit Planning advisor who ensures not only the plan creation, but its timely execution. Exit Planning is planning for an event that:
• Is inevitable. Every business owner will someday leave his/her businesses, whether upright or on a gurney.
• Will in all likelihood be the single most critically and important financial event of the owner’s life. The largest (and most illiquid) asset in most business owners’ estate is his/her business.
• Despite the owner’s impressive track record of good business decision making, requires a series of decisions which he/she is least equipped to make. Those were business decisions. These decisions are intensely personal.

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