Mosse Beverages


Givi Avalishvili
Goal: $3 million Investor/Partner

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Mosse Beverages is All Natural CSD, (Carbonated Soft Drink),”made in USA” established in 2006.

It was created in honor of their father, Mosse, whom they lost to cancer in 2005. Since its inception and throughout two years, we were able to obtain shelf space in over 300 Gourmet shops throughout Tri-state area, later on in three Shop Rites, eight Whole foods and became a vendor with Wal-Mart Stores for three states (NY/NJ/PA)-198 stores. 

Due to credit terms and low capital, ran out of funds.
Merits of the product- currently 5 flavors, have 9, potential for growth in flavors/markets/segments
a. All Natural Ingredients
b. Low in calories- less than 50 calories per serving in a can
c. Zero Sodium-first in CSD category
d. Low in sugar- 12 gr, lowest in CSD category, using Natural ingredient for sweetener.
e. Great margins for both wholesale and retail markets.
Seeking $3M to re-establish the brand and explore new markets and segments.

Contact: Givi Avalishvili – 732-977-5558
or John DeFeo – 908-591-7850