Ron Polli of Vontronix LLC

Ron is a serial entrepreneur.  And he’s got a real problem these days.  His new business has gained traction and he came to me in search of investment dollars that he needs to properly exploit this opportunity. 

Vontronix has been providing Voice over IP telephone service to business and residential customers  for the last 15 years.   Six months ago Vontronix added a Television over IP service that is rather amazing.  For just $30 a month Vontronix will give you over 400 channels of live TV service plus 17,000 movies and recorded TV shows and customers are actively seeking out this service and signing up via Amazon, Ebay and the Vontronix web site.   Vontronix is poised to expand rapidly across all of North America and replace your Cable TV company, they just need some working capital.  
You’ve heard about “Cutting the Cord”.  You’ve heard Netflix has over 100 million subscribers, well here’s your chance to cash in on this disruptive technology.  Vontronix is seeking first round funding of $250,000.

CONTACT: Ron Polli
TEL: 855.337.5660, 732.330.7239