Ticking Clock

Ticking Clock productions are timepieces; precisely crafted works geared to the moment and built to last. A boutique creative agency and full service film and digital media production company, Ticking Clock creates resonant campaigns, commercials, and films for all platforms. Our clients include some of the biggest names in food, travel, and entertainment.

The constant evolution of technology is exciting, and though it’s tempting to dive headfirst into each new trend, we think there’s a more balanced approach. That is our space: We are the modern classic, producing works of scale and substance with a respect for both current trends and traditional technique.
Our systems work, providing consistent growth and results for both us and our clients, but we have yet to reach our greater objective: Creating content on a level that changes how our industry functions – the successful formation of an agency and studio combined, an in-house experience that doesn’t suffer from too many cooks or too little expertise, but keeps projects perfectly on message and on time.
Cohlie Brocato, CEO | Creative Director

Cohlie is an New York City-based director, cinematographer, and writer. As CEO and Creative Director of Ticking Clock, he focuses on crafting work with care and passion. His work has afforded him the opportunity to collaborate with wonderful causes and clients such as MTV, Coca-Cola, WeWork, Time, New York Comic Con, ESPN, RedBull and to shoot interviews with a long roster of celebrities including Oprah, Patrick Stewart, Natalie Portman, and the Obamas in the White House. His most recent work includes The Accidental Wolf, an Emmy-nominated digital series cited by the New York Times as a series to watch. Cohlie operates on the principle that kindness, diligence, and humor are key to any effective work environment.

M.J. Geier, President | Production Director

M.J. is a New York City-based film & digital media producer. As President and Production Director of Ticking Clock, she has produced and overseen more than 200 commercial campaigns and narrative projects, including all-inclusive campaigns for MTV, Southwest Airlines, Panera Bread, Coca-Cola, Live Nation, and the 100-year anniversary of the YM&YWHA. M.J. is pulled towards projects with purpose, and to that end, she helped organize all events for the first Mandela Day, and performed at the first ever White House Summit on Malaria.