Elizabeth Patrick

Swift Judgement Dispute Resolution Services

Investment Opportunity:
$500,000 shares (30% of company)
$500,000 loan (25% repayment)

Our Services:

  • Using multi-way video conferencing through our site
  • Someone could apply to have their case heard
  • Upload their evidence
  • Pay for their case fees
  • Schedule their case time and date with an on-line calendar
  • And from the comfort of their Workstation, laptop or tablet can settle disputes without the cost and inconvenience of going through the rigors of small court
  • Our services also could include a structured payment schedule for settlement using credit cards, debit and checking accounts

Contact: Jacqueline Patrick
Tel: (941) 585-7149
Email: pr@swiftjudgment.com
Website: www.swiftjudgment.com