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Researchers Adam Gazzaley and Larry Rosen have done a comprehensive meta-analysis of brain games and digital brain enhancement programs. They conclude that a “new crop” of clinically validated programs will soon be available, and that, in the near future, doctors will routinely prescribe cognitive exercises as part of a healthy brain-training regimen.

Brainercize™, developed by Jane G. Goldberg, Ph.D., IS this “new crop.” Because of Dr. Goldberg’s dual training as both a cognitive psychologist and psychoanalyst, she has developed a revolutionary system of brain-enhancement exercises that is innovative and on the cutting edge of the brain training industry. The system’s effectiveness lies in the fundamental understanding that within each of us are two distinct thinkers: a logician and a poet.

The logician within us reflects the part of the brain that thinks sequentially, linearly, consciously, and rationally. We use this brain in school, business, understanding car mechanics, and all other activities that require organized thought. This is called the “analytic” brain, and it operates like a computer. The poet within us represents a brain that no other species has. This brain, called the “elastic” brain, is lyrical, creative, emotional, innovative, imaginative, likes company, and resides in the unconscious. It is from the lyrical brain that great art is created, as well as many innovative discoveries and inventions having been made. It is precisely because of the lyrical brain that all previous digital brain programs are limited in their ability to make whole-brain changes. The brain can operate as a computer, and our computer-meme-brain can be stimulated to grow into a yet even more efficient super-computer. But digital devices cannot operate as a human brain. Digital devices do not have intention, adaptability, emotions, interpretations from context, and many more useful attributes of the human brain.

Brainercize™ is the only brain-enhancement program that has been designed to stimulate both the analytic and the elastic brains. It is a true 21st century whole-brain system that has documented effects in building all functions of the brain.

Business Model

Brainercize™ will be the leading brain development franchise in the United States and, eventually abroad.  We will begin with three (3) company-owned locations and will begin selling franchise locations in Year 3.

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