Ben Reytblat


Goal: Investment Opportunity in Research and Development
Ben Reytblat is a serial entrepreneur in several segments of the Hi-Tech industry. He started one of the early Internet services companies, Quadrix Solutions in 1994. He went on to found an early Open Source Software company, CEDev in 2003. Now he brings deep technical experience and business acumen to the New Space industry. Together with a team engineers and business people he leads a new company called ANDRockets. ANDR is designing a line of unique, patent pending, Hybrid-Hybrid rocket motors. Their Hy-5 HHRM is inherently safer, greener, and less expensive than any of its competitors. At the same time, it has excellent performance, it is reusable, and it has most of the features you would expect in much more complex and expensive propulsion systems.

This is Ben’s second appearance at the Roundtable. At the end of his first presentation in September 2012, he described the next step in the ANDR development plan. Today, he will describe the current status, demonstrate the results, and discuss the plans going forward.

Contact: Ben Reytblat, CEO
Tel: 732-745-5566